14 SeCoNd KnOcKoUt

Kimbo did not get to fight Ken Shamrock. Due to the fact Ken got disqualified for an eye injury he had in training before the main event. Kimbo made a bad decision by fighting this guy named Seth Petruzelli. Seth has some credentials as the #1 full contact Karate champion in the states so he aint no scrub to be messing with!!!!! Watch and learn!!!!!


5 FrIeNdS

Everybody needs to VOTE! It's your future. No questions about it!



Ludacris Feat. Floyd "Money" Mayweather Jr. - Undisputed


You know those Empire Mixtapes are NOT for the weak-hearted! Their newest mixtape dropped yesterday, September 30th and that just means once all of you are done picking up your copy of Paper Trail, you can proceed to stop by here and grab the tape which features some Paper Trail leftovers and T.I. exclusives!

It'S oVeR

John Legend's album, Revolver, hits stores on October 28th and it's shaping up to be a great album!

FeRrArI v4 sUpErBiKe CoNcEpT

This superbike concept using a modified V12 engine from the Ferrari Enzo supercar is a FUCKING CRAZY idea!!! Chopped down to four cylinders and modified to drive just one wheel in a motorcycle frame; the V4 superbike features hand controls adapted from an F-16 fighter jet and buttons inspired by steering wheels off of Ferrari Formula 1 racecars. This Ferrari V4 Superbike other features included an all weather touch-screen LCD atop the fuel tank. Damn what is this world coming to? Everything is touch-screen now.


Remember back in the day when we were like 5?? There was the Lite-Brite and it was the best toy in the entire world!!! Plugging in lites to draw a picture or words, so much damn fun. Well here is essentially an updated Lite-Brite with over twice the resolution (read: pegs) of the original. Just like Hasbro's classic toy, several design templates are included with the kit. This new toy is designed and created by: Bandai.

'A' gIgA-yAcHt

Introducing “A” - the most recent member of the giga-yacht club, and to put things into perspective, the fuel tank is 757,000 liters. Diesel fuel costs around €1.40 per liter currently, so it would cost just over €1 million to fill the fuel tank. That's $1.4 million US just to fill the tank. That amount of fuel will last 15.5 days at cruising speed. This thing is so huge, you would have to be Bill Gates to afford the luxury of sailing on this yacht, and that's just for the summer. I'll eventually get me one.

BlAcKbOoK m

By: Designer Emre Durmus
The Blackbook M is a mobile phone with slide out keyboard and Android OS.