ThE fUtUrE

Joe Budden is releasing Padded Room in February 2009!


Damn! This goes way too hard! Young Buck wants to release another album in early 2009, but you know how it goes! Curtis still owns the rights to Buck's career so either let him put out the album or let him go! Buck is still droppin' crazy shit though!

ReD mAgIc

RuMoR hAs It

Leftover track from The Inspiration! Production by the Neptunes!

DiFfErEnT gIrLs

I thought I'd have to wait until The Drought is Over Part 6 to leak before I heard this joint right here! This shit is fuckin' hot! Nu Jerzey Devil, you did it with this one! Don't worry, our Weezy appetites are definitely being fed! Devil's Playgroud is coming in 2009! Stay tuned...


A Bluetooth watch for the 2nd version of the LG Prada. A gadget of luxury, coupled on the new telephone equipped with a sliding keyboard. The watch makes it possible to be informed calls and will also post the SMS on its screen 0,9 inch OLED. Conceived by Korean manufacturer LG, exclusively for the Prada mark.


If only Lil' Kim still looked like she did above, maybe I'd think about "downloading" that chick, but that's certainly not the case anymore. We may have to live in the past to remember how good she looked, but she's still droppin' some new music!

EvErYwHeRe I gO

We got some hot shit on our hands! Self Scientific gathers up Talib Kweli and The Game for this new joint courtesy of them 2dopeboyz!

GeT mE hOmE

Some new shit. With talent both as a singer and songwriter, Rhea proves to be one of Canada’s hottest up and coming R&B artists. Born in Guyana, Rhea moved to Toronto at a young age and it wasn’t long before her love for music drove her to study the art throughout high school and into post secondary education. From there, Rhea moved on to New York City to pursue her career and has since had the opportunity to work with Lloyd Banks, 8 Ball & MJG, Keith Sweat, and many more. Not only does Rhea have her singing career on the rise, but also has been featured in television and radio commercials for numerous prestigious companies such as Pantene, Yoplait, Fresca and the list goes on. Now with her hot single “Get Me Home” featuring Kardinall Offishall climbing the charts, it’s no secret that Rhea’s hard work and impeccable dedication is pushing her to the top.


AsToN mArTiN pReSeNtS oNe-77

Marek Reichmann and his design team have sculpted the One-77 so that it is still instantly recognisably an Aston Martin, but with hints of a new design.

CaN't BeLiEvE iT oFfIcIaL rEmIx

Damn, JT uses the autotune (unexpectedly...) on the official remix to Can't Believe It. This is a hot joint! Pick up your copies of Thr33 Ringz when it hits stores on November 11th!


So the full radio rip dropped yesterday as the joint was premiered on Hot 97's Angie Martinez Show. Here is the CDQ version of the joint, but since Kanye West, the producer, is still overseas, this has yet to be mastered!

I wAnT iT aLl

Been a little while since we heard from Buck, but here is some fire! Young Buck is planning on droppin' a new album early 2009...if Curtis allows him too.

LoVe LocCkDoWn ReMiX


Here's a brand new joint from Akon fresh off iTunes to prepare you for what's to come with his upcoming album, Freedom, which drops on December 2nd! I definitely like the vibe of this track! It's bumpin'!

So AmAzInG

It's obvious that if you are not an open-minded Hip-Hop fan, you may not like the material Kanye West has in store for us on 808's & Heartbreak! Fortunately for myself, I've loved every joint released so far and much like the others, this is Amazing! You better enjoy it though because this is the last track off the album I am posting! 808's & Heartbreak drops on November 24th! (It's being released one day earlier to better Thanksgiving weekend sales! I like the idea.)

Im SuPpOsEd To BaLl

Swizz Beatz - I'm Supposed To Ball
Swizzy! This dropped yesterday or the day before, but it was only a radio rip. Here's the CDQ courtesy of Tapemasters Inc.!

StReEt LiFe

Here is the Weezy track that I uploaded last night that premiered on Big Mike's Hood Elected Vol. 2 mixtape! Thanks to Tapemasters Inc., here is the version without Big Mike! Oh yea...Dedication 3 drops today! Let's Go!

CrEePiN sOlO

Not to mention that the Chamilitary Man is droppin' his highly anticipated Mixtape Messiah V later this month, but he will then follow through with his third studio album, Venom! Here is the official street single for the upcoming album...and damn! This is absolutely insane! Luda!

LeT iT gO

DeDiCaTiOn 3

01. Welcome Back
02. Dedication 3 Feat. Mack Maine, Willie The Kid and Gudda Gudda
03. What Else Is There To Do
04. Thingy Pleaser Feat. Jae Millz
05. Ain't I Feat. Jae Millz
06. You Love Me You Hate Me
07. Bang Bang Feat. Jae Millz and Gudda Gudda
08. The Other Side Feat. LA The Darkman, Jae Millz and Gudda Gudda
09. My Weezy Feat. Shanell, Lil' Twist and Tyga
10. A Dedication
11. She's A Ryder Feat. Gudda Gudda
12. Nicki Minaj - Still I Rise
13. Magic Feat. Gudda Gudda
14. Do's & Dont's Of Young Money
15. Whoever You Like Feat. Jae Millz and Gudda Gudda
16. That Was Easy
17. Get Bizzy Feat. Gudda Gudda
18. LA The Darkman and Willie The Kid - I Got That Gangsta
19. A Message To The DJ's
20. Stuntin' Feat. Drake
21. Dedicated
22. Put On For The Game Feat. Tyga and Gudda Gudda
23. Dedication 4?
Well, here it is! Although I still believe this should have been Young Money: The Mixtape Vol. 2, here is the third installment to the infamous Dedication series from Weezy Fuckin' Baby!Dedication 2 was a classic in my opinion, does this follow suit?! That's for you to decide.


NaKeD oN tHe DaNcEfLoOr

This released as a UK Bonus Track! Thr33 Ringz is in stores now! Go get the album!

Up & dOwN

This surfaced a few days ago, but it was obviously unfinished only having Akon singing the hook...But 2 Pistols got his shit done and here is the finished version!