Eminem's Relapse Album Cover

Eminem's just-released artwork for his upcoming album Relapse makes us long for the days of the vinyl LP. What better way to take in the prescription pill-laced collage of Slim Shady? On his own Twitter page, Eminem himself writes "This is getting very real..." and includes a link to the image that you can see here. The artwork is a close-up head shot of Em over a black background, with his face being a mosaic of hundreds of little pills and capsules. Eminem has spoken publicly about an addiction to prescription drugs, which included a well-publicized stint in rehab and a later relapse - hence, the title. Though it may be difficult to read, the sticker on the lower-left hand corner of the cover is a de facto part of the artwork. It reads "Mathers, Marshall, 8 Mile Road, Detroit, Michigan," "Refills: 5-19-09," "Prescribed By Dr. Dre."

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