TyRa BaNkS' sTaLkEr!!!

As many have seen and heard earlier this week, Tyra Banks had to go to court to testify against some crazy ass stalker, 38-year-old Brady Green. According to reports, Tyra testified today against Green in an attempt to persuade the court that the Georgia man is indeed a threat to her and those around her. She told the court that:

"I fear my safety. I feel extremely vulnerable. I fear the safety of my staff. My family. The people in my vicinity. [My staff doesn't] tell me about fans. They said this person threatened one of my staffers. At that moment that was it. The first thing is there's this person who's more than a fan. I was at work one day about to leave and a bunch of people on my staff said, 'No! You can't go.' [Green] got past security and you need to be here. Never in my career had staff reacted like this. I had to stay in my dressing room for a while."
So how has this affected Tyra? She revealed:

"My life has changed significantly, even the people who know me. I don't live that sheltered life. I like to walk around my neighborhood. I run outside. I like to go to the movies by myself, eat meals by myself. My company hired security. When I'm at the movies, in a restaurant, they are there with me. I can't jog outside anymore. I would go with a trainer or alone but with security present. The show made significant changes. They hired security. Plain clothes too. Budget is everything but they understood that was necessary. The extra [expenditures] were made."
So, did Green really pose that much of a threat to Tyra? The court will hopefully decide soon, but if he's convicted he'll only face a maximum of 90 days in jail.

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