X-Men LeAkEd, OoPs

Earlier this month, the new Wolverine movie had been leaked onto the Internet. Huge Ooops!
The brains over at Fox weren't too pleased with that and they even enlisted the help of the FBI to find the culprit(s). But, good news for those of you that already saw the leaked version, the movie now has extra scenes that were included last minute.
According to Director Gavin Hood, the flick now features two different surprise endings. The movie, which hits theaters this Friday, will play short bits of the footage after the credits. The clips are said to reveal important info about the main characters. But there's a catch. Hood reveals that the endings play on separate prints, so it turns out that different endings may play in different theaters. Not cool! If you're gonna pay to legally watch the flick, you should be able to watch both endings. At least I think so. Will you be going to watch Wolverine this weekend? Cause I am!!

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